Client and Educational Services

24-hour crisis line: (910)739-6278, Callers can leave a message or ask to speak to an advocate immediately. We have live operators who answer our phone anytime our staff are away from the office.

ER Support: Our staff and/or volunteers go the emergency department at SRMC to offer assistance and support during the medical treatment and evidence gathering process.

Victim/Family Support: Clients are free to contact our agency at anytime after at the abuse. We answer questions, find or schedule counseling when it is needed, and listen when you need us.

Information/Referral: We keep extensive information about other services and programs available locally or across the state or nation. We can help people find information about different issues or areas of interest related to sexual violence.

Education Programs: Awareness Programming: Our agency can come to your health fair, employee wellness fair, or community event and set up an informational table. We can work with your class, church or civic group, residents' group to create a one time program that focuses on specific topics or on our agency in more detail. Our goal is to make as many people in the community as possible aware of the issue of sexual violence, our agency's services, and their role in making community safer.

Primary Prevention Programming: A funded program that is focused on addressing issues that lead to sexual violence happening...before it happens. We might work with church youth leaders to create programs addressing healthy relationships; teaching moms to model healthy relationships for their children as well as age appropriate ways of teaching their children about healthy and responsible sexuality; and teaching coaches ways to use sports to reinforce respectful behaviors. Our ultimate goal is for there to be no rape and sexual abuse in Robeson County anymore.

Community and Youth Services


Building Healthy Relationships: A curriclum that teaches children from kindergarten through high school to build healthy anti-gender based relationships.

Supporting Teen Tech Safety: An interactive workshop for youth workers, providers and parents on how to encourage youth to stay safe online and on their phones. This workshop covers cyber-bullying, sexting, healthy relationships, how to help a youth who's been harmed and how to support youth in creating a postive digital footprint for colleges and jobs. 

Human Trafficking Awareness and Safety Classes: An informational class about human trafficking and how to protect you and your family.

Engaging Bystanders Education: An educational class on the prevention of bullying.

Adverse Childhood Experiences: An informational class about adverse childhood experiences and how they affect children now and in their adult life. 

Survivor of Sexual Assault

Rape Crisis Center of Robeson County | 910-739-6278

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